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  • 12/04/12--18:50: Unspoken
  • Finally had time to do an illustration for Sarah Rees Brennan's newest book Unspoken which is a great read! I highly recommend it.

    I chose to do the scene of Jared and Kami during one of their first in person meetings where they are each sitting on the opposite sides of a garden wall. It was one of my favorite images from the book and I really wanted to capture it, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out! (despite the fact that scanner KILLED the colors...).

    This was also my first time using watercolors for more than a little piece.

    Feedback is very appreciated!


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  • 12/05/12--11:45: Volunteer related stuff!

  • Journal
    Okay, time for some specifics! Here's some things I can help you guys with as a CV:

    As a community volunteer for the chats and forums, there's lots of things I can help you with around the site, so here's a quick breakdown of them.

    :bulletblack: Need a thread locked or moved? See a thread that you think breaks the rules? Send me a note about it and I will take care of it!
    :bulletblack: Need help running or promoting a contest? Shoot me a note! I'll be happy to help you run the contest, donate a few prizes, or just help you promote it.
    :bulletblack: Need help promoting your group? Note me!
    :bulletblack: Need help promoting anythi

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  • 12/05/12--21:28: My Art Area
  • So I have had a few people ask lately what my “art setup” is like. So here you go!

    1. My Ikea desk with an awesome built in tracing board. I also painted a strip of it with chalkboard paint so I could take random notes when needed. It’s also very adjustable, so I can set the angle to whatever I like. I had to put it on risers though, because it sits really low unless I have it flat, and I don’t like it flat.
    2. My behemoth laptop that is over 17 inches. It’s awesome though. :pat:
    3. My TV and its shelf which holds a lot of my jewelry.
    4. My shelf of reference and storage. The bottom shelf contains a lot of my hand written notes and the middle shelf has my favorite reference books. The top shelf holds my sketchbooks, current notebooks, tablet, and whatever else I happen to shove in there. I have a lot more reference stuff then just this, but these are the ones I use most often. It also serves as my flat area for food, waterbottle, water pot for painting, etc.
    5. These are my book boxes. I use them to store all my art supplies. The bottom one has all my nice paper, the middle has colored pencils, the top has miscellaneous. (The very top is actually a real book, Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan).
    6. My little Christmas tree! Yes. It is black. It has mini-lights (that sadly don’t work anymore) and lots of mini-ornaments, and a paper star topper.
    7. My cat Rebel. A very feisty little snuggle-bug black cat.
    8. The futon portion of my bunk bed.
    9. My traveling traditional art kit. Has charcoal, pencils, ink, erasers galore, sharpeners, tape, sticky-notes, blending stuff, scissors, and some other stuff I can’t currently recall…
    10. My foot stool, because I have absurdly short legs and I hate to have them dangling.
    11. My candy bucket! Which is currently also housing a dA print tube that may or may not still have a print in it… >.>

    Any questions? Ask away!


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  • 12/06/12--16:25: Stop The Violence
  • "Stop the Violence" is a photography series done by Francois Robert in the 90's. Robert won three storage lockers at auction in the early nineties and in one he found a complete, fully articulated skeleton. Robert took the skeleton apart and began to arrange the bones into recognizable shapes, shapes that when paired with the material of human bones, create an amazing commentary on different aspects of today's world culture.

    "Stop the Violence" is a photography series done by Francois Robert in the 90's. Robert won three storage lockers at auction in the early nineties and in one he found a complete, fully articulated skeleton. Robert took the skeleton apart and began to arrange the bones into recognizable shapes, shapes that when paired with the material of human bones, create an amazing commentary on different aspects of today's world culture.

    Click here to view more from this artist:

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  • 12/10/12--14:26: Sorry for the absence!

  • Journal
    Sorry for not being around this weekend without any warning. My modem decided to die and I could only get on with my phone (intermittently, because that decided it didn't like me either...). I'm back now though!

    For those waiting for commissions from me, this will cause a very slight delay. I couldn't get on to download stuff or find the references I needed. I'll have them done ASAP though.

    Current Personal Projects

    Digital Painting Tutorials Collection

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  • 12/10/12--15:10: New deviantART gear!

  • Journal
    So, as you guys may have noticed the deviant-wear shop came out with some awesome new stuff last week! There's some great new bundles and some awesome notebooks. You should all go check out the shop to look at the new stuff: under the "collectibles" section.

    I personally ordered this awesome bundle as a Christmas present for myself:

    It just arrived and it's so awesome! The little notebook is great and shall be used to keep track of CV related stuffs and it has also been adorned with the skull and cross-brushe

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  • 12/11/12--11:41: Be The Leaf Bumi!
  • Be the leaf, Bumi! :dummy:

    This was a collaberation with *GAGBAGCHEN. *GAGBAGCHEN made the cutouts and I animated them together into a gif. Come see the cutouts here: [link]

    You can see our other leaf-cutout collaberation here: :iconbetheleafplz:


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  • 12/11/12--11:59: Help Out a Fellow Deviant

  • Journal
    EDIT: Fixed the link
    Everyone goes through hard times in their lives, for a variety of reasons. One of the things I love about the deviantART community is that when those people reach out for help, they generally get it.

    :devKoKitsune-sama: Is currently looking for commissions to help them keep from being evicted from their home. They have halved their prices in an attempt to draw in a few more customers, and they've got some great work to offer! There's lots of stuff that would make a great gift for a friend or family member. You can check out all their prices and examples here :

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  • 12/11/12--12:14: How do you feel about this?

  • Journal
    So, as most of my watchers know I am attending college to get a degree in Illustration. I am in what is known as the "Hybrid" program which means that I take some classes online and some classes on campus. One of my on-ground classes during my first term was Figure Drawing 1. The teacher was awesome and she also taught a few of the online classes. One day towards the end of term we got to talking about deviantART and she mentioned that she, and other online teachers, send people here all the time to look at the work. I ran into this a few times in my online classes to, we were never specifically asked to go to deviantART but we were

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  • 12/12/12--16:18: Jack Frost
  • I absolutely loved the "Rise of the Guardians" movie! It had such awesome characters, and a great story, and great symbolism, and, and, and... I had to draw Jack!

    Anyways...XD I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, I had a lot of fun with it. The lighting is a little off on his face, but otherwise I'm happy.

    Tell me what you think?

    You can watch a short animation of my process on this piece here: [link]


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  • 12/12/12--16:21: Jack Frost-Process Animation
  • This is a quick process animation of my most recent painting of Jack Frost. The finished piece can be seen here: [link]


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  • 12/13/12--11:01: 2012 Summary of Art
  • I love doing these things. It's cool to see a whole year's worth of work laid out like this. I'm really proud of a lot of my work this year. I'm also amused by the high volume of BVB related artwork, they take up nearly half. XD There's a couple pieces from Sarah Rees Brennan's "The Demon's Lexicon" series as well. I think my favorite original piece is probably the one of Zip (May). I just love the colors and textures in it. My favorite fan piece is a lot harder, but it's probably a tie between October and December. I had a lot of fun with both of those pieces.

    My goals for next year are to get better at more dynamic lighting, more interesting color pallets, and better at composition as well.

    January: [link]
    Febuary: [link]
    March: [link] (Sketched in March, but I didn't submit it until April)
    April: [link]
    May: [link]
    June: [link]
    July: [link]
    August: [link]
    September: [link]
    October: [link]
    November: [link]
    December: [link]


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    This year was another great year for The Holiday Card Project Cards are still coming in, and deviantART HQ is looking for help in distributing them. If you're interested in helping out, please take a look at this article for how to do so:

    I myself will be distributing cards to my local veterans hospital, and I promise to do a write up afterwards!

    Happy holidays to everyone! :hug:

    Current Personal Projects

    Digital Painting Tutorials Collection

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    Some questions come up all the time in the forums, things about about college or different art programs and techniques or commissions or whatever. This article aims to address some of those common questions. First up: art college.

    What is this article about?
    As someone who spends an extensive amount of time in the forums I can honestly say that the same questions come up over and over again. Things about college, how to use certain programs, how to take commissions, etc. So I've decided to do an article series about these questions. There won't be a regular schedule to these, since they'll only be written when I start to see an abundance of the same questions coming up. Mostly, I just want to have something to link to so I don't have to write the same response to these questions over and over again.

    Our first topic is going to be college related questions. If you have

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    As many of you are well aware, there was a terrible tragedy in Newton Connecticut last week. :devocdfx: who lives in the area has organized a project with her children to help memorialize the beautiful lives that were lost that day. They are looking for donations of items found on this wishlist: to make their project a reality.

    You can find more information about the project here:

    Even if you can't afford to purchase one of the items on their wishlist, please spread the word about

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    It's done! It's done! It's done! :dead:

    The reason behind this project was that I have spent an incredible amount of time trying to find the perfect desk for myself, and I have yet to find it. I have a great desk from IKEA right now (which was an inspiration for this concept), but the problem is that the whole thing angles up with no flat area for tools and it sits on saw horses which are terrible for storage purposes. So I've ended up cobbling together a bit of a franken-desk using the main desk and some shelves. It would be great to have a full desk with plenty of storage though, and thus this idea was born.

    I conceived of this project a couple months ago, but I only got the software to actually sit down and design it a couple days ago. All of these pieces were built life-size in Solidworks over two days of almost non-stop work. (I was having fun with it, sleep wasn't important... >.>)

    This is just a conceptual design so I didn't bother with actual fasteners, just the overall idea of it. Some things would probably have to shift around a little if these desks were to actually be made.

    The concept of these desks is based on a lot of factors. Desks I've had over the years, the desk I have now from IKEA, the Recollections organization system from Michael's craft stores, a bunk bed I used to have, and the input of the deviantART community in a few polls I did awhile back. I pulled all those influences together to create this modular system.

    I already have ideas for more pieces to. A top with an animation wheel, more types of inserts for the drawers, more things that could be hung on the shelf frame, more types of end pieces, that sort of thing.

    Of the pieces I have now though, I'm very happy with them. I wanted to provide lots of customizable storage areas so that everyone could make the desk work with what kind of storage for them. There's huge drawers for the people who are fond of just chucking everything in a drawer, reaching their hand in and hoping they get what they want. There's flat drawers so that you can lay out pencils/pastels/pens/markers/whatever and have them all easily accessible and visible. There's drawer inserts to create more organization within the drawers including a honeycomb type insert to allow for easy organization of pens/pencils/markers/etc. The shelving system is designed to allow you to put as many or as few shelves as you want, hang as many cups as you want for pens/pencils/markers/whatever, and hang other accessories. The corner piece has a hole for electronics cords to go through. The large end pieces have a place to store large 2D projects. The tops are designed with all different types of artists in mind: there is a basic top where the whole thing can be adjusted to whatever angle you want, a top with a built in tracing board that can be adjust to whatever angle you want, a three piece top where the middle section can be adjusted to whatever angle you want with two flat areas for tools, and a top with two adjustable sections so that you can have each at whatever angle you want (ex, one flat area and one angled, flip-flopped depending on which hand is dominate.)

    Please tell me what you think of this concept! I've had a ton of fun developing it and I'd love to hear all your thoughts, good and bad!


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    Okay, so Black Veil Brides is having a contest to create a tour poster for their Church of the Wild Ones tour! I took my recent "Church of the Wild Ones" painting and updated it a bit to fit more within the theme of the contest and made it the right size and such.

    The overall winner will be picked by the band, but votes will play a part so I would greatly appreciate if you guys were to take a look at all the entrants and vote for mine if you find it to be the best! Sadly, you can only vote through facebook though... Here's where to vote: [link]

    You can view the original version of this painting here:


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  • 12/21/12--18:16: Holiday Portraits
  • So there was an awesome art exchange meme put up by $Ayame-Kenoshi this year and I decided to go through and sketch some portraits from people's requests! Don't worry, you guys don't need to sketch me anything back, I just wanted to sketch stuff for some people! I had a lot of fun doing it to.

    You can get more info on the art exchange meme here: [link]

    Kaiyuki for =Kakurii
    Jay for ~Yangyexin
    Korsith for *KorsithKoris
    Celia for ~White-Starcloud
    North from Rise of the Gaurdians for ~warrior-of-dream
    Erin D'Paul for ~Hananunio
    Caith for *GraveYardCannibal
    A Rise of the Gaurdians Elf for ~vivian-z
    Kyrrin for ~GaiaDarkstar

    I might do more of these if I have time. No promises though, sorry!


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  • 12/21/12--18:58: Christmas Shenanigans
  • A Christmas present for my buddies ~AkiraShikigami and ~LectorValdesh of their OCs Oberon (bottom) and Bishop. I had a lot of fun with this piece, and it's the first piece in ages I did 100% reference free which made me very happy.

    Poor Oberon is just trying to grade papers and Bishop is about to be incredibly distracting.

    Happy Holidays everyone!


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    Distributing cards for the Holiday Card Project at the Denver Colorado Veterans Hospital.


    The Holiday Card Project is a project conducted by deviantART to collect holiday cards from deviants around the world to be distributed to different hospitals and bring a little holiday cheer to the people in those hospitals. This year I was lucky enough to be able to participate in this project in a major way: handing out cards to a local Denver Colorado area hospital. I choose to hand the cards out at my local Veterans hospital and was lucky enough to have picked a hospital with an incredibly friendly volunteer department that was more than willing to let me come hand out cards.

    The cards arriv

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