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  • 08/23/12--12:32: Really fed up with this shit

  • So as most of you know  I am attending Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design to study Illustration. I haven't even started yet, and I've already run into a shit ton of problems with them. It took me MONTHS to get financial aid stuff dealt with, despite getting everything done and sent in to them over a month ahead of time. They kept messing up what scholarships and grants I had received, so I repeatedly had to contact them to fix it. And nearly every time I contacted them about it, they'd say they would get back to me within a day and never did so I'd have to contact them again and on and on that went. We finally get that stuff squared awa

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  • 08/24/12--12:38: I really don't get it...

  • So, the new thumbs. They've got everyone up in arms and complaining about how the staff should've asked users for their opinions, should listen to their users more, etc. This comes up every time a new feature comes out that some people don't like. And it really confuses me, because as far as I've seen dA admins are more active in listening to their members than any other site out there that I've been on. We have an extensive beta testing program, volunteers and admins we can talk to at any time, a help desk that actually responds to the tickets sent to them, places to make suggestions about improvements, and so much more. How is that we have

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  • 09/10/12--14:46: RMCAD website mockup
  • So as you all probably know from numerous journals and tweets on the matter, I have a rather deep-seated dislike for how my college handles their online stuff. And as you also probably know from my numerous dArelated suggestions that I’ve made, when a website annoys me in some manner I make a mock-up of how I personally would like to see things run. It’s therapeutic or something. :shrug:

    I’ve been working on this mock-up of a re-design of my college’s online functions for about a week now. It doesn’t quite cover everything (and I realize now I left one big thing out that I’d like to see, but I’ll get to that in a moment), but it does give a good general idea of what I would like to see. Basically, I would love to see RMCAD’s online functions treated like a social network such as deviantART or Facebook in the sense of having everything integrated into one site so that you don’t have to go to close to ten sites to get things done.

    With this platform, everything the school currently uses online for its students would be integrated into one simple to navigate website (aside from the e-mail and calendar, which would be done through g-mail like they currently are). Everything you needed for school would be found on one single site, with one single login. As for what I forgot to include, that would be a messaging center that would serve as a hub for responses to class discussion boards and The Dome Lounge (which is basically forums). This could easily be integrated with e-mail though, so it doesn’t bother me to much that I forgot it.

    This platform would also remove a lot of redundancy found in RMCAD’s online resources. There’s currently two sites used for classes (one for on-ground classes, one for online classes) and two sites for portfolio related stuff. There’s also a lot of redundancy within the sites themselves.

    Here’s a basic breakdown of the different pages I’ve included here, indicated by the blue number in the top left corner of each page:
    1.This is the home page of the school’s current “main” website with a few changes. There’s a little more separation between certain areas, and a page one level above this one was removed from my design due to redundancy. (Basically, when you logged in you got taken to one page and then you had to click a button to be taken to the main home page with all the links you needed, but aside from the links the two pages are nearly identical. I removed the redundant entry page.) There is also a drop down menu in the top right of the page that will bring the user to their personal areas.

    2.This page is the exact same as page 1, but it shows what options you get when you click the drop down. There is a link to the profile page, a link to the classes page which includes both online and onground classes to remove the redundancy of having to go to two different sites for onground vs. online classes, a link to e-mail and calendar which will take you to g-mail when clicked, a grades page, and a portfolio page that eliminates the redundancy of two sites for portfolios.

    3.The profile page. It has the basic info about the student including contact info (all of which has the option to either be displayed only to instructors or to everyone). It also shows the four most recent works the student has submitted to their portfolio with a link to view more. (Obviously, instructor profiles would be different than student profiles and they would have more permissions.)

    4.The classes main page. It would list your on-ground and online classes with links to those classes pages. If you don’t have any online then the online section will vanish, and vise-versa with on-ground. The On Ground classes would display all relevant class info including the class times and locations. This would remove the redundancy of going to two separate places for stuff you need for classes.

    5.The online classes page. This is the same as the current set up, just integrated into the main site. The “Classmates” button would include a list of all people in that class with you to allow easy access to their profiles and portfolios for critiquing purposes. The instructor would be the one to list people on this page.

    6.The on-ground classes page. This is the same as the current set up, just integrated into the main site.

    7.The portfolio main page. This set up is also the same as the current one in most ways. One difference though is that you have to go through someone’s page to view their portfolios rather than viewing them all in one big cluster like you do now. When you open the individual portfolios you are taken to either a grid or list view of their artwork included there, and you can click on one to view it full sized.

    8.This is what you will see when you view an artwork from someone’s portfolio. On the bottom will be the properties of the piece, and other feedback it has received. Beneath the piece itself is the area to leave feedback, with the tools to do things like redlining and other critique tools.

    So there you go! I'd love some indepth feedback on this guys. Good or bad, I wanna here it.
    For those of you in college now, or those who went to college recently enough to have had to deal with a lot of online aspects, would you like to see college websites run like this or in another manner? Why? Why not?

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    I'm just gonna throw this up in a journal as well to see if you guys have any advice on fixing this weird ass bug. Also, something I forgot to mention in the video: I have cleared my cache. HELP. ME.

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  • 09/12/12--21:31: Screeshots won't cut it

  • Any advice here guys? I'm still working with the help desk but I figured I'd see if you guys could help as well. I've cleared my cache as well, and I've had this bug for over a month now.

    Also, sorry if you get this twice. Stash is being weird...

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  • 09/16/12--12:14: Got a new phone!

  • I finally got a smartphone so I could be more organized during college (it has already helped a shit ton). Because I have the new phone I'm going to be using instagram, twitter and tumblr in conjunction to post progress shots of my work a lot more and you guys will be able to see a lot more of my traditional work and stuff that just doesn't make it onto deviantART. So go follow me on twitter! @KataraAlchemist
    I'll be posting about dA related stuff on there as well including stuff about the groups I work with, articles I write, projects I'm working on with various dA buddies, etc.

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  • 09/16/12--14:07: A new project. Want to help?
  • I'm working on a digital art based tutorial project and I'd really love some input from anyone!

    I'm working on a new digital art tutorial based project. I'm not just making one or two tutorials though, I'm making a 15ish week session of tutorials that people can go through one by one to learn the basics of painting in Photoshop. I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile now for one main reason: when you go to the digital art or general art forums the same kinds of questions get asked over and over again: "I'm just starting in digital art, what do I do?!" "How do I get better at Photoshop?!" "Photoshop is just to complex!" "Layers...what are layers?" and so on. So I'm creating a set of lesson based tutorials that go over all

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  • 09/17/12--15:06: Magnus Bane-Redraw
  • So I was originally going to do this for the redraw contest, but after I finished the sketch I realized you couldn't do fanart for it. I was in love with the sketch by then though, so I finished it up anyways!

    I wanted to make the new one look more like Godfrey Gao who is playing Magnus in the City of Bones movie, and I think I did an okay job with that. He ended up kinda looking like *CassandraJean's take on Godfrey as Magnus. Not that I mind, because Cassandra is amazing.

    Over all though, I'm very happy with the outcome of this.

    You can see the previous version of this here: [link]


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  • 09/17/12--15:10: Draw This Again-Magnus Bane
  • So I was originally going to do this for the redraw contest, but after I finished the sketch I realized you couldn't do fanart for it. I was in love with the sketch by then though, so I finished it up anyways!

    I wanted to make the new one look more like Godfrey Gao who is playing Magnus in the City of Bones movie, and I think I did an okay job with that. He ended up kinda looking like *CassandraJean's take on Godfrey as Magnus. Not that I mind, because Cassandra is amazing.

    Over all though, I'm very happy with the outcome of this. The shading is a lot better, I didn't go overboard with tattoo's, and the anatomy is better.

    The Old Version: [link]
    The New Version: [link]


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  • 09/28/12--22:15: Dance-Quick Paint
  • A quick painting of my character Ana dancing. I've really been wanting to draw her again, and I finally found some time today.

    I know her feet are a little off. I redid them about ten times before I just gave up and moved on.


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  • 09/29/12--14:26: One Step Above Asexual
  • Another inked piece of my character Kala (top) and ~ilovewriting26's character Enzio. These two are one of my favorite OC couples that ~ilovewriting26 and I share. They never cease to be fun.

    Kala was heavily abused when he was a kid and it made him extremely wary of physical contact to the point he's basically ended up asexual because of the trauma. He isn't technically asexual though, so after awhile Enzio managed to build up enough trust between himself and Kala that Kala is comfortable enough with him to makeout with him. It has yet to move beyond making out though, and probably never will. Who knows though.

    So yeah, I decided I wanted to illustrate that a little so I made this! Kala's in his ghost boxers and Enzio's in a kilt. I had a lot of fun with this, and I'm super happy with how it turned out.

    These characters don't belong to you, they belong to me and ~ilovewriting26. You are welcome to draw them as long as you let us know and give us credit, but otherwise you can't use them in any way shape or form.


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  • 09/29/12--20:30: The Demon's Lexicon
  • I'm having a very productive weekend and it's awesome.

    Anyways, these are the four main characters from Sarah Reese Brennan's book The Demon's Lexicon which is an awesome book. I've only read that one, and the start of the next book in the series, but I'm loving the series so much! We've got Nick on the bottom, Alan with the gun, May dancing and Jamie on the top. Originally this picture was just Nick, but then I decided to add Alan and then it felt unbalanced so I just decided to do all four of them. I only have the audio books right now though, so I couldn't flip back through to find character descriptions and had to just go on what I remembered of them, so if I got something wrong don't hesitate to point it out to me!

    This piece was super fun to do, and I'm really happy with how it came out. I may go back and add some color later. We shall see.

    All feedback is welcomed and appreciated, and I highly recommend reading Sarah's work!


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  • 10/07/12--23:35: Ben Reference Sheet
  • I've been wanting to do an emotion chart for my character Ben for awhile now mostly because he has the fun characteristic of hair and eyes that change color with his mood. I decided to just go ahead and do a full reference sheet though, just for fun.

    Ben is one of my OC's from The Mortal Instruments series. He is part shadowhunter, part fey, and part mundane. Because he is only 1/4 shadowhunter he doesn't handle runes well and thus doesn't have more than a couple permanent ones. He's a very spunky, happy little guy and is extremely fond of color.

    Also, the outfit he's wearing in the front view is based off of a hobo I saw on the bus home the other day... Well. Not the pants, but the rest is. He was a very interesting hobo.

    Anyways, tell me what you think please! I had a lot of fun with this, but it did do some things outside my comfort zone, especially the emotions, so I'd really appreciate some in depth critique!

    Ben (C) Me


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  • 10/10/12--18:15: Art Dump-October 2012
  • I was cleaning out my computer today and I found a lot of little things I hadn't posted. I still plan on finishing a few of these eventually, but I put them in anyways.

    1. A sketch of my character Jared.
    2. A sketch of my character Kala, on the right, and ~ILoveWriting's character Enzio.
    3. A sketch of my version of the demon Mammon for a Mortal Instruments Fanfiction I'm writing.
    4. A sketch of my character Ana dressed for a play she's in.
    5. An unfinished painting of a character concept.
    6. An unfinished painting of ~ILoveWriting's triplet characters in their early twenties. From left to right, Damien, Dylan and Derek.
    7. A couple doodles of Magnus and Alec from The Mortal Instruments. I think these resulted from a conversation with *CassandraJean...
    8. No clue who this is, but he looks really stoned...
    9. A sketch of my original character Andy
    10. Another sketch of my character Jared.
    11. A quick painting of Helen from The Mortal Instruments.
    12. A sketch of my original character Iakona.
    13. According to Cassandra Clare, Magnus is dealing with breaking up with Alec using footie pj's.
    14. This is the BDSM collar of my original character Ben.
    15. This was a painting of a house concept I started ages ago.
    16. A tattoo design.
    17. A random sketch.


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  • 10/13/12--21:41: Upgrade My Space!
  • So I decided to enter the contest to upgrade my space with a beautiful new print.

    First off, here's the print I would like to receive:
    (With a jet black frame to match our shelves!)

    And my reason why I would like to get this print:
    Ever since my parents divorced my mother has moved us around at least once a year. We've always lived in rentals, or with friends, so we could never really personalize where we were living as much as we would've liked. But finally this year we were able to get a town home that we actually own. We've had a ton of fun painting and hanging the few pictures we have. But we'd really like to have even more stuff for our walls, since as you can see they're rather empty right now! In our livingroom/den area where this is, we've got kind of a vintagey, travel the world theme going. We've got some old maps and a big framed print of the Eiffel tower. I think some ruins like in this print would fit very well with that theme, and the colors go well with our room as well.


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  • 09/05/12--09:58: Issue with my messages

  • So, I've been having some major issues with my messages. I can't delete things, can't make folders, can't drag and drop stuff, and a few other bugs. I'm working with the help desk to figure it out, but things are moving very slowly. Because of the huge amount of messages that I can't delete, it's making it very hard to respond to things, so if I miss something you send me I'm sorry! It's very hard to keep up with things with all these bugs, but I'll do my best to get back to all of you as soon as I can.

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  • 09/05/12--14:42: Incredibly Frustrated

  • I know you guys are probably sick of listening to me complain about my college, but I really need to vent somewhere. You guys don't need to bother reading this, I just need to get it out before I punch something.

    So one of the classes RMCAD now requires is called "Academic Strategies For Artists and Designers". This class is designed to teach you everything you should already know by the time you get to college. We will learn stuff about time management, how to write papers, how to site sources, and other such stuff. I'm sorry, but if you don't know how to write a fucking paper or cite a source by the time you're in college you shouldn't fre

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    Get your stocking stuffers outta my inbox. It's still September! :stare:

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  • 09/10/12--18:43: Finally!

  • Got a job at a tattoo parlor. :la: I start tomorrow part time.

    So, how's life for everyone else? What have you all been up to lately?

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  • 09/12/12--16:45: More complaining. Sorry.

  • My drawing 1 teacher is one of those people who can't make up her mind. At all. I take drawing 1 online, so our assignments are week based. Everything we're supposed to get done in a week is posted at midnight on Sunday, and we can go through it as fast as we want to. But she never fails to decided to change something in the middle of the week that forces everyone to start over and re-do things. It makes it really hard to get things done, and it's getting extremely old. I've got other issues with the woman, but that's the biggest one because it interferes with getting my stuff done. They grind it into us that we need to get better at managing

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