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    RMCAD has dropped the ball once again. I'm not surprised though.

    But anyways, this is pretty much the final straw for me. I'll stay for the rest of the term, but after that I'm 95% sure that I will no longer be attending RMCAD. The classes are amazing, and I know I could learn a lot from them, but it just isn't worth the hassle of dealing with the sheer amount of mistakes that the school has made. There is no way I can make it through four+ years of dealing with their mistakes.  Not only are their mistakes interfering with stuff like financial aid, they're now interfering with my ability to do my classwork and that is not okay in the slighte

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  • 09/26/12--23:34: New Webiste!

  • I finally got around to making myself a new, much better website. This one uses HTML5 instead of Flash, so it runs much smoother. It's also a much cleaner layout and has a lot more stuff than my old one did. Please come check it out!

    Kat Wood Creations
    I'd love any feedback you guys have for the site, I spent a lot of time on it and feedback would be appreciated. Also, if you find any bugs or typos or anything of that nature please let me know so I can fix it!

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    Despite what you may believe, (and what some of the staff may themselves believe ;) ) This site is not run by a bunch of magical wizards. They're human, sleep deprived and probably hyped on coffee or other such beverages, but human none the less. They can't wave a magic wand and fix every issue you're having right when you have it. They can't wave a magic wand and make an amazing new feature that works great right off the bat. It takes a lot of time and effort to do the things they do. And not only do they do these amazing things, they actually talk to the members about it. They post journals and ask for feedback and work with that feedback.

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    I got a lovely present from my dA wishlist in the mail today! It was this beautiful print:

    It will soon be hung behind my couch. Thank you so much to whoever sent it! You made my day. :heart:

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  • 10/20/12--16:05: The Church of the Wild Ones
  • Who else is super excited for the new BVB album and tour? 'cause I sure as fuck am!!!!!!

    The new tour is called "The Church of the Wild Ones" tour and between that and the symbolism of the new cover ([link]) I just had to make a new painting featuring the boys playing in a church. I used one of my photos of Notre Dame from my trip to France earlier this year because it was the best reference I had of the interior of a church and I couldn't find any other good, free, references I could use. I also used a couple of my old paintings of CC and Ashley because I had originally planned to do one for each member and then put them all together somehow, but I figured I may as well just use them for this and then do the rest of the band!

    So, one week of nearly non-stop work and 400 something layers later, we have a picture of BVB playing in "The Church of the Wild Ones"! I'm pretty happy with it, but there's a few things I'll probably go back and adjust later before I actually print it off.

    Also, the stained-glass windows are based off of the new cover which was done by this guy: [link] who you should all check out!

    And now I'm off to wait impatiently for tickets and pre-orders. Please tell me what you think, and I more than welcome any criticism you may have as long as it is in fact criticism and not just you being an ass. If you start being an ass you will quickly learn that I am not as nice as I may in fact seem on this site.

    EDIT: eeeeeeeeeeee! Andy tweeted this as the ten day promo picture for the new album per-orders! [link] :excited:


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  • 10/22/12--10:34: Oh Fuck Yes

  • So, as I'm sure you all have seen by now, I recently posted a new picture I painted featuring Black Veil Brides. The picture was made in celebration of "The Church of the Wild Ones" tour next year and their new album as well. I'm super excited for both.
    Anyways, I tweeted the picture to the band and amazing things have happened since. First, the lead singer used it as the picture for the day ten countdown promo for the new album pre-orders: And then it was posted on the band's official Facebook where it is getting much love:

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  • 10/28/12--14:14: Dorian-Commission for Cameil
  • A commission for ~Camiel of her character Dorian in his human form.

    If you're interested in commissioning me, you can view my commission information on my personal website here: [link] Feel free to contact me through the website or through deviantART!


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  • 10/29/12--22:03: The Demon's Covenant
  • A new piece based on The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan.

    I have fallen in love with this series. So much.

    Anyways. Here we have Nick working on his car. I'm pretty sure I got the right kind of car but I'm not a car person so... :paranoid: I also only have the audio book, so I couldn't easily go back and look up the model of the car.

    Either way, I'm happy with it. This is the first time I've tried to make a car that was a recognizable model and not just a car shape. I think it came out pretty well.

    Also, I gave Nick longer hair in this then I did in my first piece based on the series. Mostly because the longer hair escaped my attention when listening to the first book. I'll probably go back and fix it on the other picture as well, because now it's bugging me...

    Anyways! Tell me what you think and go check out Sarah's books. There's a handful of them, and they're awesome.


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    Happy Halloween everyone! What are everyone's plans? I will be sitting at home, watching the finally of Face Off, and handing out candy to neighbor children.
    I will also be giving out a one month sub! I got my points for being a runner up in the Upgrade Your Space contest today, but I don't have any use for them myself, so I'm giving away a sub. The same rules as all my giveaways apply:
    1. Only people without a current premium membership are eligible to enter.
    2. To enter you must fave this journal and comment as to why you want a subscription.
    3.  "I want to be able to get critiques!" is not a a valid reason!" If you want critiques, ch

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  • 11/01/12--22:28: Well this is weird...

  • I found some awesome Thor and Loki fanart, but I have discovered that the artist has me blocked for some reason despite the fact that as far as I know I have never met them or spoken to them before. Never had this happen before and now I'm very confused. I keep trying to remember if I have in fact met them and done something to them.
    But the biggest issue here? I can't fave the pretty arts! :grump:

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  • 11/02/12--23:37: The Necormancer's Toy
  • So I started reading the third book in The Demon's Lexicon" series by Sarah Rees Brennan today and in the second chapter three of the big characters get attacked by a creature composed of a random assortment of bones all held together by ribbons. I just had to doodle him out, so I decided to do a quick speedpaint before bed. It took a couple hours since I had to look up some of the bones, though I didn't try and get them all completely accurate since this is just meant to be a quick concept.
    I'll do another inked black and white piece for the book as well, once I finish it, to go with the two I have already made for the first books in the series.
    Any feedback is appreciated! And I highly recommend you all go pick up any of Sarah's books, they're all amazing.


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  • 11/05/12--15:57: Tagged

  • So I'm currently participating in the wonderful pass time known as extreme procrastination. Normally I don't do tags, but it seems like a wonderful way to pass the time that I should be spending writing an essay that was due yesterday. I've also been tagged to do this around five times now, so I figure that you people are either weirdly curious about me or just as board as I am.

    1. Post ten random facts about yourself.
    2. Feature a piece of artwork that goes with that fact.
    3. Tag more people!

    Okay, so those aren't the rules of any of that I've actually been tagged with, but they sound more fun so they're what we're going with.


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  • 11/12/12--21:13: The Demon's Surrender
  • So I recently finished The Demon's Surrender, the last book in "The Demon's Lexicon" trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan and since I did an illustration based on the first two books I decided to round it out with a third for the final book! I finally had the chance to sit down and do it today, and it's been one of those marathon pieces. :XD: About five hours total was spent on this, and I'm super happy with it. I had a lot of fun with all the little details. Sin's braid took forever though! I re-did it about six times before I was happy with the style and how it looked. I'm really happy with it though.

    I choose to do Alan and Sin because I hadn't drawn Sin yet, and I really like her. She's a very fun character.

    Overall, I'm super happy with this piece and the whole set of illustrations for the books. The series was amazing, and I had so much fun making the illustrations for it. It was super fun to talk to the lovely author as well, Sarah's a total sweetheart. I suggest all of you pick up any of her books, they are all well worth the read!


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  • 11/14/12--11:08: Here we go again...

  • So those of you have watched me for awhile are familiar with my mother's habit of moving at least once a year. This is usually done in connection to whatever guy she's dating at the time. They get together, she falls head over heels, she moves us in with him, they fight, we move out, repeat, repeat, repeat. Because of this cycle I have lived in around ten different places in the last eight years. Last year though she broke up with her boyfriend that was the main reason behind this cycle and we actually bought a house. Moved in, have lived here around eight months, it's a great place. It's right near the train station so I can get to college p

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    The City of Bones movie trailer is out!

    If this is the kind of trailer we get less then a week after filming wraps then I can't imagine what the later trailers are going to be like!

    I'm just so happy to see some of my all time favorite books coming to life and in such an amazing way. So far, there isn't a single thing about this adaption that I don't love. The cast is amazing, they seem to have done an amazing job adapting the books, everything is just plain amazing from what I've seen so far. Can it be next year now? Please?

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    Okay, so Black Veil Brides is having a contest to create a tour poster for their Church of the Wild Ones tour! I took my recent "Church of the Wild Ones" painting and updated it a bit to fit more within the theme of the contest and made it the right size and such.

    The overall winner will be picked by the band, but votes will play a part so I would greatly appreciate if you guys were to take a look at all the entrants and vote for mine if you find it to be the best! Sadly, you can only vote through facebook though... Here's where to vote: [link]

    You can view the original version of this painting here:


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  • 11/19/12--16:57: Vote for me?

  • Hey guys! I have a favor to ask of you. My favorite band, Black Veil Brides, is holding a contest to design a tour poster for their next tour "Church of the Wild Ones". I have entered a modified version of my painting based on the tour title that I did recently, and I would greatly appreciate your votes! You can view all entries here, and if you don't want to vote for mine that's perfectly fine: . Even if you don't listen to the band, you can still vote in this contest! Just pick the poster concept you like the best.
    Thanks guys!


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  • 11/22/12--09:31: Thank you guys!

  • Thanks to all my awesome friends on deviantART! You guys are some of the best friends I have, and I'm so glad I have you. You've helped me grow so much as an artist and a person, and I'm extremely grateful. :heart:

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  • 11/28/12--16:23: Updated my page a little!

  • Journal
    Rearranged a few boxes, added some new ones, got rid of some old ones. I'll also be adding new background eventually, once I can come up with one I like. There's a few other things I'll be adding later this week to, once I have the time.

    Also, for those who are curious about page customization, I get all my page resources from :devcyphervisor:. His resources are free to use, in most cases, and easy to understand. You don't need any coding knowledge to make them work, though it can be helpful for more complex stuff. I also got the awesome progress bar in the next section from him.

    Current Projects

    Digital Painting Tutorials Collect

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  • 11/29/12--14:20: I got me a hat!

  • Journal
    So, as many of you have probably noticed by now, I now have a fancy shmancy hat! This means that I am now a community volunteer. I will be taking care of the chats and forums along with some other awesome people. So if you ever need a thread locked or moved, or help with something in the forums and chats you can come ask me! I'll have up some more specific stuff in a little while.

    Also, you people spoil me. I got another awesome print off my wishlist in the mail today!


    I would love to know who sent it so I can say thank you!

    Current Projects

    Digital Painting Tutorials Collection

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